Move Tips to prepare for home moving in Singapore

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  1. Make a check list of what to do, items to pack before moving so you will not miss out any thing. Use mobile APP if possible
2. Get the best quote and book the moving company 2 months in advance, so that you can plan know what help they can offer
3. Avoid festive holiday period as moving company are less busy.
4. Remember to change your address for all your ID and account
5. Label the boxes with different colour tape for different room so the mover can know which room to move too.
6. Get more than one estimate from moving companies to ensure you’re getting the best deal from a mover you can rely on. Moving companies are rarely priced the same, get quote here
7 Sell or donate anything you might not want or need. If there are things you can cut before moving, your move will be much easier. However, knowing what to sell and what to donate can be difficult, so make sure you take the time to sort out the more valuable items to sell.
8. Research TV and Internet providers in your new area to see if you can save money or get better quality service.
9. Pack boxes to the brim to make them less likely to collapse. Of course you’ll have to be careful not to pack boxes too heavy , so nothing gets lost or damaged in the event one of the boxes rips.
10. Update memberships and subscriptions like bank accounts, gym memberships, and any mail subscriptions you may have; as well as notify your doctor, dentist, and the IRS of your move.
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