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Strategic planning for a commercial move can make a big difference between a hectic relocation with costly downtime and a smooth transition with little to no lost hours of operation. If you are planning an office move or other business relocation, the following tips can help make the move come in on time and on budget.
•Plan your move as early as possible. Most relocations are often planned six months in advance, and large commercial moves may require up to two years of planning
•Schedule the move with the building you are moving into as well as the one you are moving out of. Most likely the move will need to be done outside of normal business hours, as most buildings won’t allow moves during office hours. Hence, the best time for an office move is typically over the weekend.
•If you have a lot of artwork, academic credentials, etc. find a professional “art hanger” in your area and schedule them to come by the office 1-2 weeks after the move. This will take a lot of stress off of management so that there are less holes in the wall (from mistakes) and that everything in the office gets hung the correct way.
•Talk to your employees about the move as early as possible and keep them.
•Determine what printed materials such as business cards, envelopes, and stationery will require address changes.
•The week before moving if you need any assistance with packing, be sure to inquire about this with your moving company in advance.
•Most office mover will not be responsible for moving plants, so you will need to assign someone to be in charge of getting any plants moved.
•Have at least two managers present during the entire move, one at origin and one at destination. However, only those two managers should be present during the move. Any more than that will get in the way of the movers and slow them down.
•If you’re moving existing IT equipment, make sure it’s unloaded first so the IT team can immediately get to work setting up the network, phones, etc.
I hope these tips helped you to plan strategically for your commercial move allowed you to have a smoother office move.

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